Aviation accident attorney in Fort LauderdaleAviation accidents can be extremely traumatic and destructive. Many lives are lost and countless others are irreparably changed. Usually, the cause is attributed to pilot error, defective parts, or improper maintenance. No matter the cause, an aviation accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale at the Montero Law Center can help with all aviation accidents:

  • Commercial airline accident
  • Private aircraft accident
  • Helicopter accident
  • Cargo airplane accidents
  • Hot-air balloon accidents

What are common causes of airplane crashes?

Be it a commercial jet or a private single-engine plane, the most common causes of aircraft crashes include:

  • Pilot error – A pilot makes a decision that another reasonably responsible person of his profession would not make whether intentionally or unintentionally; e.g., a pilot failed to read or listen to directions, navigational error, misjudge weather conditions
  • Faulty equipment – Cockpit instruments or vital airframe components can fail suddenly while in flight. Improper aircraft design or manufacture could lead to a crash, which could mean a defective product lawsuit.
  • Fueling errors – Fuel mismanagement (too little, which leads to starvation or exhaustion), contamination, or improper fuel has led to airplane crashes.
  • Air Traffic Control Errors – Our “crowded sky” can lead to controller errors when it comes to properly “spacing” aircraft from one another.
  • FAA violationsPilot or traffic controller – violation of aviation guidelines can either cause or directly contribute to fatal air crashes.
  • Negligent Maintenance or Repair – Maintenance records and logbooks must be diligently maintained to record an aircraft’s maintenance history. They are an important part of any post-crash. Because private planes and helicopters do not have “black boxes,” this is especially vital in general aviation accidents.

Montero Law Center will help with the investigation by gathering evidence and reports, photos, speaking with expert witnesses, etc.

Liability in an Aviation Accident

Determining the cause of an aviation accident can take several months or even more than a year. Injured victims or surviving family members must wait until the cause is determined before knowing what – if any – legal action can be taken. At the Montero Law Center, our legal team keeps close track of the investigation as it unfolds. This enables us to not only keep our clients informed on the situation, but it also allows us to build a strong case against the negligent defendant who usually emerges as the NTSB gets closer to releasing its final report.

Many parties can be liable in an aviation accident. These may include the:

  • Pilot
  • Airline
  • Private aviation company
  • Maintenance and service company
  • Air traffic controller

What damages can I be awarded?

Some of the damages that may be awarded to aviation accident plaintiffs and wrongful death survivors include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost wages
  • Wrongful death
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages (though there may be limits on the amount of punitive damages available)

We will thoroughly review your case with you and identify all types of damages you may be eligible to recover. Contact the Montero Law Center’s experienced aviation accident attorneys in Fort Lauderdale for a free consultation at 954-767-6500 or fill out our online case evaluation form.