“On the occasions that I have had the privilege of working with attorney Hyram Montero, I have been most impressed with his thoroughness and efficiency in researching the accident and subsequent diagnosis and treatment of the brain injury sustained by my Ward in 2004.

I believe it is Mr. Montero’s sincerity and compassion that leads to his relentless pursuit of the facts surrounding the accident, as well as a complete history of similar reports documented at the site of the accident.

Attorney Montero’s attention to detail regarding the well being of my Ward and my Ward’s family allows me to feel confident that their financial needs will be met, despite the intensive brain damage sustained by my Ward, which has rendered him unable to fulfil his role as a husband or father.

I will not hesitate to highly recommend attorney Montero to represent anyone involved in a brain-injury accident.”

Client Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
“I can’t begin to tell you how thoughtful and professional they were with. I was treated like I was one of the family, with courtesy and respect. Every time I needed a doctor’s appointment they were right there for me with a staff that was gentle and understanding.

I was mugged and brutally beaten up and almost massacred. The muggers broke my nose and my eye and my brain was damaged when they hit me with the gun. my right knee was an open wound and bleeding, I needed many stitches. I get upset just thinking about it again. Mr. Montero was highly recommended to me an I was very confident to give my case to him. If it had not been for Mr. Montero and the firm I would have been a wreck. I am thankful to Mr. Montero and the girls at the office who did everything in their power to help me and send me to every place I needed to go to get me back together again.

Thanks to them I resumed my life, not like before but after three years of treatment I achieved beyond satisfactory results for what was done to me. I highly recommend them to help those who have a need for their services.”

Client Based in Hallandale, FL.
“The above mentioned law-firm, particularly Hyram Montero, Esquire, has successfully guided my Ward’s brain injury lawsuit for the past four years. He has been exceptionally diligent in gathering testimony and evidence to prove that faulty equipment was the cause of the brain injury to my Ward in 2001.

Mr. Montero has a unique and extraordinary insight when brain injuries are involved. His devotion to the client is evident throughout the entire process of proving the facts; ultimately leaving no doubt that the brain injury forever harmed the individual’s activities of daily living. No stone was left unturned in providing expert opinions and witnesses to confirm the lifetime damage resulting from the brain injury. Mr. Montero sought out the foremost brain injury medical experts and arranged for my Ward to be examined by them.

I am exceedingly confident that this case will conclude with a positive outcome for the Ward’s needs for the rest of his natural life. I must extended many thanks to Mr. Montero and his exceptional staff for their unrelenting efforts in the best interest of my Ward.”

Client Based In Fort Lauderdale, FL.