How Much Is a Settlement for a Drunk Driving Accident?

Every case is different, so we cannot offer an estimate of how much a settlement for your drunk driving accident will be.

But there are a lot of variables that affect the settlement value of drunk driving car accident cases, which we will discuss below. We recommend speaking with a car accident lawyer from our firm […]

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Can You Sue for Premises Liability?

Yes, you can sue for premises liability, whether you are a tenant or a visitor on someone else’s property, depending on the facts of your case.
The Property Owner’s Liability to Tenants Injured on the Premises
We must prove these elements to establish the property owner’s liability for injury on the premises:

There was a dangerous or […]

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Can I Sue for Wrongful Death and Medical Malpractice?

If your loved one already filed a medical malpractice lawsuit before dying, the malpractice case cannot continue. But you can pursue a wrongful death claim against the negligent doctor or another health care professional who caused your loved one’s death.

Under Florida Statutes § 768.20, a personal injury case – such as a medical malpractice case […]

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Wrongful Death vs. Survival Action

Many people confuse wrongful death lawsuits and survival actions, and understandably so. Both actions arise from someone else causing a person’s death. The key to understanding survival actions and wrongful death lawsuits is the cause of death of your loved one.
Wrongful Death Lawsuits
Under Florida law, if your loved one died because of the negligence or […]

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Florida Car Accident Laws

Having knowledge of Florida car accident laws can help you before or after you are in a car accident. Here are some of the rules and regulations that apply to car accidents.
You Must Report Car Crashes
If a law enforcement officer came to the scene of the wreck, the officer must file the report within ten […]

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Filing a Lawsuit for a Fall Accident on a Construction Site

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a fall injury on a construction site, you might need to file a lawsuit to get the compensation you deserve. The construction industry has more fatal accidents on the job site than almost any other industry. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration […]

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Who Is at Fault for a Bicycle Accident? 

Fault for a bicycle accident will depend on the specific facts of your case, so we cannot say who will have liability for the crash, but Florida law provides guidance on this question. There are rules of the road for bicycles and motor vehicles. Whoever violates these laws is negligent.
Florida’s Law for Bicyclists
People riding bicycles […]

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How to Report a Bicycle Accident

If you find yourself involved in or a witness to a bicycle accident, it can help to know what to do. Unless it is an extremely minor incident with absolutely no injuries, you should call 911. The operator will send emergency medical assistance and sort out which law enforcement agency will respond. If you are […]

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What Happens After a Car Accident?

Despite your best efforts to avoid it, you were in a car crash. After you safely and legally leave the scene of the accident, you are probably wondering what will happen next. Here is a step-by-step walk-through of what happens after a car accident in Florida and what to expect under Florida laws.

Get immediate […]

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What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

The first thing to do after a pedestrian accident is to get immediate medical attention. Even if you think you suffered only a few bruises, you might have broken bones, internal bleeding, or soft tissue damage that has not yet developed noticeable symptoms.

Whenever a vehicle hits a person, trauma specialists at an emergency room or […]

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