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Florida Truck Accident Laws

If you got hurt in a truck accident in Florida, you need to know the laws that control these situations. If you do not follow the Florida truck accident laws, it could diminish the value of your injury compensation claim and could even land you in jail.
Florida Law Requires That You Report Truck Accidents
If no […]

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Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit After an Aviation Accident

Whether they are airplane crashes, accidents on the ground, mid-air turbulence or other events, aviation accidents often cause fatalities. If your loved one died in an aviation accident, you might be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit for your losses. Below, we discuss what you need to know about filing a wrongful death lawsuit […]

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Can an Aviation Accident Cause Spinal Cord Injury?

Yes, an aviation accident can cause a spinal cord injury if you experience a significant jarring of or blow to the neck, back, head, or trunk during the incident. A spinal cord injury can be life-changing. Many people lose their mobility, independence, and the ability to support themselves through employment. Spinal cord injury lawsuits often […]

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Suing for Wrongful Death from a Slip and Fall

If your close relative passed away from injuries received in a slip and fall accident, the Montero Law Center can help. We can talk with you and evaluate your right to compensation. We can investigate the accident, gather the evidence to prove your case, and work with experts as needed.

We do not charge upfront legal […]

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Can You Get PTSD from a Train Accident?

Yes, you can get PTSD from a train accident if you sustained significant injuries or you saw someone else suffer severe or fatal injuries.
What PTSD Looks Like After a Train Wreck
The physical symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can include things like:

Chronic pain
Weight loss or gain
Sleep disturbances like insomnia, nightmares, and excess […]

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Are Hit and Run Accidents Covered by Insurance in Florida?

If you suffered an injury in a hit and run accident in Florida, several different insurance policies potentially could help pay your losses. Trying to sort out what different insurance policies will cover can be complicated, so it is good to speak with a personal injury lawyer about whether your hit and run accident will […]

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Can a Construction Accident Cause Brain Injury?

Construction sites are dangerous places. Construction is one of the most hazardous industries in America. Sometimes the injured person only needs minor medical care, like stitches to close a laceration, but other injuries can be catastrophic, including head trauma that causes brain injury.
How Construction Accidents Can Cause Traumatic Brain Injury
A severe blow to the head […]

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Florida Train Accident Laws

Many of the laws that pertain to the train industry are federal regulations, not Florida state law. Some Florida statutes can come into play, however, when there is an accident that involves a train.
Your Florida Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP) and Train Accidents
Your Florida Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP)  might cover some of your losses […]

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Will I Win My Car Accident Case?

Each car accident case is unique, so it is impossible to determine whether you will win your case accident case. However, we will talk with you and examine the facts of your situation to determine if you might be successful. It is also important to note that winning your case might mean one thing to […]

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How Does a Negotiation with an Auto Insurance Company Work?

Every case is different, so we cannot predict precisely what will happen in a specific instance, but some common themes occur during many settlement negotiations with auto insurance companies. If you got hurt in a car wreck, it could give you some peace of mind to know how a negotiation with an auto insurance company […]

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