Depositions are possible during the discovery phase in a personal injury claim. During this process, lawyers involved in the claim can question those involved in the accident, as well as others who witnessed or are otherwise connected to the accident.

Once depositions conclude, parties can review transcripts. Counsel for the defendant in the case may request that the plaintiff undergo a medical examination. Aside from these two possibilities, both sides may proceed either to a trial or settlement.

Depositions Show the Value of a Lawyer After a Car Accident

If you were injured in a car accident and the insurance company for the person who caused the accident offers compensation that is beneath what you require, then you may proceed with a personal injury lawsuit. Having a lawyer to help you with this lawsuit can be invaluable.

It is never advisable to attempt to pursue compensation on your own, and the deposition process typifies why. The lawyer for the defendant in your case will attempt to induce statements from you that absolve their client of the responsibility for the accident and saying the wrong thing could result in your forfeiting the compensation you otherwise deserve.

If you suffered injuries common to car accidents, first seek medical attention. Next, it is advisable to call a lawyer who can guide you towards the next steps in pursuing compensation.

Pursuing Compensation With a Lawyer’s Help

If you have sustained injuries in a car accident, consider that a lawyer can handle the legal aspects of pursuing damages while you recover. A lawyer can assist you in several ways, including by:

  • Initiating legal action promptly to ensure that your case falls within relevant statutes of limitation
  • Collecting evidence relevant to your case, including but not limited to a video of the accident, photos of the aftermath, eyewitness accounts, and police reports
  • Obtaining documentation of your injuries for use at trial or in settlement negotiations
  • Completing the legal aspect of pursuing damages from start to finish
  • Protecting your rights throughout the legal process

The defendant in your case may have acted negligently, causing your injuries as a result. Some driver behaviors that frequently result in injury include:

  • Tailgating
  • Engaging in distracted driving, such as texting, making a phone call, or taking your eyes off of the road for any reason
  • Driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • Speeding

Possible Compensation for Your Injuries

Every personal injury claim is unique, but some common damages awarded in such cases may cover:

  • Medical expenses incurred because of your injury
  • Lost wages or diminished earning capacity caused by your injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages against the defendant

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