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Shoulder Pain from a Car Accident

Pain in your shoulder after a crash is not something to ignore. Your shoulder is a crowded area with bones, soft tissues, nerves, blood vessels, and three joints that make it possible for you to use your arm. An untreated injury can create problems for the rest of your life.
How Motor Vehicle Accidents Can Cause […]

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How Do I File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

You can file a lawsuit in the Florida courts for the wrongful death of a loved one if you fit into one of the categories of people with a legal right to pursue these cases. The Florida Wrongful Death Act provides the rules you must follow when filing one of these actions.
Eight Steps for Filing […]

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What to Do When in a Car Accident While Pregnant

You should get immediate medical attention if you have been in an auto accident while pregnant, even if it is just a fender bender. You might feel fine, but the professionals need to assess the status of your baby. Disruption of the placenta can cause premature labor. The vast majority of fetal losses after trauma […]

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Can You Get PTSD from a Car Accident?

You can get post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from a car accident. Two ways this can happen include:

Suffering severe injuries in a collision
Witnessing other people get severe or fatal injuries

Symptoms of PTSD from a Car Wreck
When you get PTSD from a car accident there are symptoms that can be broken down into two categories: […]

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Does Uninsured Motorist Coverage Cover a Hit and Run?

Yes, uninsured motorist coverage can cover a hit and run. Since the party that caused the accident left, and there is no at-fault driver’s insurance policy to make a damages claim against, it is the same as if the driver had stayed at the scene but was uninsured.

Victims of a hit and run can recover […]

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Can a Slip and Fall Cause Sciatica?

If you pinch a nerve or one of the discs in your back herniates from a slip and fall accident, you could develop sciatica. Trauma from the accident can damage the spine and compress the sciatic nerve. This nerve branches off of the lower back and travels through the hips and buttocks and down the […]

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AAA Report Finds Hit and Run Deaths Are at Record High

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, there has been a steady rise in hit and run deaths on U.S. roadways during the last ten years. Every year, the numbers of these fatalities increase. In 2016, more than 2,000 Americans lost their lives in more than half a million crashes where someone left the […]

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What Is a Statute of Repose?

A Statute of Repose is also called a Statute of Limitations. Even if you have an open-and-shut case against someone who harmed you, if you do not file your claim in court before the deadline, you will get no compensation from the guilty person.

The Statute of Repose sets the deadline for each type of case. […]

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What Is a Medical Malpractice Settlement Worth?

If you suspect that you were the victim of surgical errors or medical malpractice, you may be able to file a claim against the doctor or hospital are your best bet for recompense. You might wonder how much compensation you would get if you settle your claim against the doctor or hospital. There is not […]

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