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What Is The Statute Of Limitations On Medical Malpractice?

The term “statute of limitations” is the amount of time you have by law to file a lawsuit. The statute of limitations under FL § 95.11 for medical malpractice in Florida is usually two years from the negligent act, but sometimes you can get a little more time.

Every kind of lawsuit, such as medical malpractice, […]

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How to Sue for Medication Error

A medical malpractice lawyer can find out who is at fault for your injury and suffering sue to medication error. Collecting all the necessary information begins with the details you can provide to your lawyer. For example, the names and locations of medical professionals who treated you before you became injured. Below you will find […]

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Can Medical Malpractice Lead to Cerebral Palsy?

Medical malpractice can lead to cerebral palsy, as can many other factors. Cerebral palsy is a medical condition in which the brain sustains damage, usually before birth. The brain damage affects the person’s ability to control movement and posture. The condition can affect muscle tone.
What Can Cause Cerebral Palsy
These factors can cause a disruption or […]

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Will a Medical Malpractice Case Go to Trial?

Many factors can affect whether a medical malpractice case will go to trial, so there is no single answer that will apply to all cases. Sometimes a case that you thought would settle right away will drag on and end up in trial, and other cases that you expected to involve long trials will settle […]

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Does Florida Have a Medical Malpractice Cap?

From 2003 until recently, Florida limited the non-economic damages that victims in medical malpractice cases could win. Courts in multiple cases struck down this cap as unconstitutional, but the law is still on the books. The state legislature claimed that there was a medical malpractice insurance crisis in the state, but the Florida Supreme Court […]

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How Does a Medical Malpractice Case Work?

If you or a loved one experienced a bad outcome from a medical procedure or during medical care, you might wonder if there is a case for medical malpractice and how a medical malpractice case works.

A bad result does not, by itself, automatically mean that the doctor owes you damages. Even if the doctor made […]

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Can I Sue for Wrongful Death and Medical Malpractice?

If your loved one already filed a medical malpractice lawsuit before dying, the malpractice case cannot continue. But you can pursue a wrongful death claim against the negligent doctor or another health care professional who caused your loved one’s death.

Under Florida Statutes § 768.20, a personal injury case – such as a medical malpractice case […]

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Surgical Errors & Medical Malpractice Claims

If you suspect that something went wrong with your surgery or that of a loved one, you might be considering a claim for medical malpractice. Since almost all surgery involves some level of anesthesia, you might not have a clear memory of what happened during the surgery. If you were under general anesthesia, you would […]

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What Constitutes Medical Malpractice?

Determining what constitutes medical malpractice can be difficult. Basically, medical malpractice is when a doctor or other healthcare provider makes a mistake in diagnosis or treatment that causes harm to the patient, but this is not quite as simple as it seems. There are common misconceptions about medical malpractice.
Does a Bad Outcome Automatically Constitute Medical […]

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Florida Supreme Court Strikes Down Medical Malpractice Caps

Florida law had imposed limits on pain and suffering damages in personal injury cases since 2003, but that has now changed. In a recent case, the Florida Supreme Court found these medical malpractice caps unconstitutional, but the court was far from unanimous in its decision.

In a 4 to 3 decision, the Court agreed with the […]

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