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What Is The Florida Premises Liability Statute Of Limitations?

The amount of time that you have to file a lawsuit for money damages will depend on the legal theory you pursue in your lawsuit. A “statute of limitations” means the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit. If you miss the deadline, you can lose the right to go after compensation for […]

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What Is Florida’s Premises Liability Law?

Florida’s premises liability law outlines what you have to prove to pursue financial damages if you are hurt on someone else’s property because of a dangerous condition. Suffering an injury is not sufficient, by itself, to subject the landowner to liability for your losses.
Elements of Premises Liability in Florida
Florida property owners have a legal duty […]

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What Is Foreseeability In A Premises Liability Case?

If something is foreseeable, that means that it is reasonable that someone would anticipate the event happening. For example, a person who runs a red light at a busy intersection should realize the likelihood of colliding with another vehicle.

Foreseeability in a premises liability case plays an important part. The law usually uses the standard of […]

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Constructive Knowledge In A Premises Liability Case

Sometimes the law will treat someone as if he had actual knowledge of a fact, even if he did not, under the legal theory of constructive knowledge in a premises liability case. Constructive knowledge is an essential concept because, in some situations, the law will impose liability based on constructive knowledge.
What Is Constructive Knowledge Generally
A […]

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Can You Sue for Premises Liability?

Yes, you can sue for premises liability, whether you are a tenant or a visitor on someone else’s property, depending on the facts of your case.
The Property Owner’s Liability to Tenants Injured on the Premises
We must prove these elements to establish the property owner’s liability for injury on the premises:

There was a dangerous or […]

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Burn Injury Awareness: Risks in the Florida Summer

Summer can be dangerous time of year for burns. From warm, sunny days spent in the pool or at the beach to those Fourth of July fireworks, there seems to be burn risks around every corner this time of year.

Knowledge is half the battle. Knowing how to spot a burn danger can help reduce the […]

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Who is liable for swimming pool accidents?

Swimming pools can be a lot of fun but they can also cause grave injuries if an owner does not take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of swimmers. Even though it is often the fault of the property owner, liability for swimming pool accidents can rest with many different parties.
Who can potentially be liable […]

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What is Florida’s attractive nuisance law?

When a person sustains injuries on another’s property in Florida, that person usually has the right to recover damages from the property owner under premises liability laws, unless that person was a trespasser. However, in the event that the injured party is a child, the attractive nuisance law may apply, and the property owner may […]

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