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What To Do If The Police Report Is Wrong

When incorrect information is in a police report, the mistakes can prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve if you got hurt in an accident. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the negative consequences of the wrong data.

Generally, courts consider police reports as credible evidence of what happened, so we have to convince the […]

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How to Observe National Safety Month in June

June is National Safety Month, and it is no accident that it falls during the first month of summer, when more people are active outdoors and traveling. You can join the National Safety Council (NSC) and thousands of other groups across America in observing National Safety Month. This year’s slogan is “No One Gets Hurt.”

You […]

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What Are the Swimming Pool Fence Regulations?

Florida’s Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act sets the standards for swimming pool barriers and fences you must have around your home pool to protect young children and medically-frail seniors from accessing your pool. Your local government can enact separate regulations as long as they are at least as stringent as the state rules. You can be […]

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Pool Safety Tips for the Florida Summer

With Florida summer temperatures averaging in the low-90s, both parents and children yearn for pool time. In 2000, our state’s legislators tried to make pools safer for our children and medically frail elderly by passing a law that requires safety measures like fences with automatic locking gates. It is nearly 20 years later and children […]

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