Although we do not have to contend with snow and ice on the roads on New Year’s Eve in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida, holiday driving can be dangerous due to drunk drivers and more people on the roads. Tie one on for safety this holiday season by following these tips:

  1. Designate a driver. Many bars and clubs will provide free non-alcoholic drinks to the designated driver. Some friends take turns throughout the year serving as the designated driver so that they share this responsibility evenly.
  2. Use south Florida’s excellentpublic transportation. The Miami-Dade County Transportation and Public Works website provides the routes, schedules and fare information for Metrobus, Park and Ride, Metrorail, and Metromover. The Sun Trolley is another option. Also, depending on where your plans will take you, the Broward County Transit might fit the bill.
  3. Call a ride-share service, like Lyft or Uber. Check out the Miami/Fort Lauderdale coverage area and rates for Uber and Lyft. Be wary of people who claim to be Lyft or Uber drivers but do not have the official signage or other recognizable features of those companies. It is best to ride-share only in cars that have active cameras inside the vehicles.
  4. Ride home in a taxi, limousine, or private town car. TripAdvisor provides reviews and ratingsof these services for the Fort Lauderdale and South Florida areas. When friends chip in, it can be affordable to rent a town car or limo for the evening. As a last resort, you could call AAA (even if you are not a member) and get a ride home with a tow for your car. The name of this program is “Tow to Go,” or “Tipsy Tow.” Call 855-286-9246.
  5. Stay over at a hotel or your host’s house. Many mindful hosts offer a sofa to guests who have been drinking. Hotels throughout south Florida offer packages that can include admission to a New Year’s bash along with lodging so you can sleep it off afterward.While a hotel stay may sound expensive, it is far less costly than a DUI, and it can save lives.

Bonus Tips:

If you want to avoid a crash during this holiday season, slow down and keep a careful lookout. Expect others to drive poorly, be distracted, and be under the influence. Driving defensively is a good idea at any time, but especially on New Year’s Eve. Be patient. Allow extra travel time to account for heavy traffic, wrecks, and sobriety checkpoints.
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