The primary thing to do after a construction accident is to take steps to protect your health and your right to pursue financial damages for your losses. The exact measures you should take will depend on the facts of your case, but these suggestions could help you map out what to do in your situation.

Get Medical Attention Right Away After a Construction Accident

As supported by the Division of Worker’s Compensation, the first thing you should do after getting hurt in a construction accident is to get prompt medical care to treat your injuries. Injuries from an accident fall under the category of trauma. Traumatic harm does not always show symptoms right away. You might notice pain in some parts of your body but also have injuries elsewhere.

Many construction accidents involve falls. You might have internal bleeding from a fall and not realize it until it suddenly becomes life-threatening. It is essential to have trauma care specialists, like those in an emergency room, perform an examination to check for all of your injuries.

A positive side benefit of getting immediate medical attention is that your medical records will provide the needed link between your injuries and the construction accident. The intake person will ask you what happened to cause your injuries. When you tell them about the accident at the construction site, the connection between the incident and your injuries becomes part of the records of the healthcare provider.

Get Legal Advice

The construction accident was only the beginning of the events that could harm you. Quite a few things can happen after the accident that can destroy your right to get fair compensation for the harm you suffered. Although workers’ compensation might cover your medical bills, you can pursue additional damages if the negligence of a third party, like the manufacturer of defective equipment, if that carelessness caused or contributed to the accident that hurt you.

It is easy to make a misstep that could rob you of the right to collect the compensation that you deserve. Here are some of the common problems that a lawyer can help you avoid:

  • Florida gives you only a short amount of time to file a lawsuit seeking money damages for your losses under FL § 95.11. If you miss the deadline, the law can bar you from going after compensation. A lawyer can file a lawsuit to protect your rights.
  • The insurance adjuster might throw out a lowball offer to settle the case for far less than you deserve, particularly if you are trying to handle your injury claim without the help of a lawyer. Many people find out later that they should have gotten much more money for their losses.
  • Another mistake that people often make when they handle their cases on their own is to accept a settlement offer before completing their medical treatment. Let’s say that a person settled his injury claim when he was still going to physical therapy (PT). His doctor decided after the PT that the patient needed surgery to regain full function. The insurance company will not pay for the operation, and neither will the injured person’s regular health insurance.

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