An accident reconstruction expert witness is a professional your lawyer may hire in order to recreate your accident. This provides context for the actions taken by the liable party before, during, and after your accident. Your expert witness will work to present a timeline of events in your case, which could potentially prove that the other party is at fault. This is different than the investigation conducted by law enforcement at the scene of the accident.

An accident reconstruction expert witness can also provide insight into physical evidence, investigate the most likely circumstances surrounding the accident based on the physics involved, and create models that simulate what happened from a variety of viewpoints.

Duties of an Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness

These individuals typically become experts in their field after years of training and research, as well as accreditation from a professional organization in the field. As such, they can look at a variety of factors to reveal how the whole event took place, even if you may not remember it clearly yourself due to injury or trauma. An accident reconstruction expert witness can also refute or correct the erroneous testimony of others as part of their investigation.

These reconstructions rely on evidence that may include:

  • Tire marks on the road
  • The angles and velocities of impact, if applicable
  • The types and severity of injuries that you have received
  • And more

Your lawyer can offer advice as to whether an accident reconstruction expert witness may be helpful to your case and may be able to handle the details of locating and hiring an appropriate expert witness when needed.

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