Unlike the typical car accident, there are usually more defendants to potentially sue in a truck accident lawsuit. You might be able to sue several people after a truck accident to hold them responsible for the harm you suffered.

How the Truck Driver Can Be Liable

The person who was driving the tractor-trailer might have made a mistake that led to the accident. For example, if the trucker was speeding, inattentive, following too closely, driving recklessly, under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or drowsy, and that negligence resulted in the accident that hurt you, we can sue the driver. Some truck drivers carry their own liability insurance in addition to the trucking company’s insurance.

Do Not Forget the Trucking Company

Many people file lawsuits against the truck drivers but do not think about suing the corporation that put the trucker behind the wheel. Suing the driver does not prevent you from filing a lawsuit against the trucking company.

Let’s say that the trucking company did not perform an adequate background check to make sure that the trucker would be a safe driver before hiring him. A background investigation that included a criminal record and driving history review would have revealed multiple accidents and DWI convictions. If the trucker causes an alcohol-related accident, the trucking company will be liable for negligent hiring.

Truck or Parts Manufacturer

Sometimes motor vehicles collide because of a flaw in the design or manufacturing process. You might be able to sue the truck manufacturer if, for example, the steering mechanism failed from a design defect, and caused the driver to lose control and accident.

When tires or brakes fail, the makers of those parts can be responsible for resulting harm. When the truck experiences a tire blow-out from separated tire treads on defectively-made tires, you can sue the tire manufacturer. If someone installed a part incorrectly and that mistake caused the accident, the installer can be liable.

Truck Maintenance Provider

Large commercial trucks cover far more miles than the typical passenger car, so the trucks experience more wear and tear than other vehicles. As such, frequent maintenance of tractor-trailers is a safety issue.

Many trucking companies subcontract the maintenance of the fleet of trucks to firms that specialize in that work. If the maintenance company performs shoddy work on the trucks, leading to an accident, the maintenance company can be liable.

Cargo Loader

Shifting cargo can cause a truck to tip and careen, lose control, and skid or flip over. If the entity that loaded the cargo the truck hauled did not secure the load correctly or loaded the cargo out of balance for the weight, we can sue the cargo loader for a resulting accident.

Getting Legal Help After a Truck Accident

Because there are so many potential defendants to sue in a truck accident lawsuit, you might feel overwhelmed trying to figure out who to sue. You do not have to worry about that issue. When the Montero Law Center handles your injury claim, we investigate the case thoroughly and work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

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