If you were in a crash in Fort Lauderdale, you may follow three different procedures to obtain a car accident police report, depending on how long ago the accident occurred.

How can I obtain the accident report if my crash occurred within the last 60 days?

If your accident occurred within the last 60 days, you may request your accident report by filing an affidavit with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department (FLPD). You must sign and notarize your affidavit before submitting it. You will also have to make a written request for the accident report.

Only certain parties may request a copy of an accident report. Those include:

  • A party involved in the accident;
  • The legal representation of someone involved in the accident;
  • An insurance company of someone involved in the accident;
  • A victims services organization representative;
  • A prosecutor;
  • An FCC-licensed television or radio station or certain types of newspapers; and
  • A representative of a local, state, or federal agency authorized to obtain these reports.

In your affidavit, you will have to swear and affirm that either you or the entity you represent may legally obtain a copy of the report at that time. Providing false information on the affidavit is a third-degree felony.

What can I do if my crash occurred more than 60 days ago?

If your car accident happened more than 60 days ago but less than one year prior to your request, you do not need to file an affidavit. You merely have to file a request for the accident report.

You can do this either by mail or in person, but the FLPD Records Unit will not accept accident report requests by phone, fax, or email. You may receive your report in the mail if you include the required copy fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Otherwise, you may pick up your report in person.

Since the FLPD handles about 230,000 reports a year, you should provide as much information as possible when making your request. The FLPD suggests that you identify the case number, date, location of the accident, and the type of accident.

The FLPD Records Unit is open to the public on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. You can visit the department in person at the following location:

1300 W. Broward Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312


What if my accident happened more than one year ago?

If your crash happened more than one year ago, you need to call the officials in Tallahassee at 850-617-3414 or 850-617-3416 to obtain a copy of the accident report.

How can I get help obtaining my accident report?

The car accident attorneys at the Montero Law Center will obtain your accident report for you if we are handling your accident claim. We can also collect all the necessary evidence for your accident claim to prove your account of what happened during the crash. We will deal directly with the insurance company and take the hassle out of your hands. Call us today at 954-767-6500 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.