To determine how much your brain injury settlement should be, the lawyers at the Montero Law Center will need to evaluate how much the injury has changed your life.

Brain injuries are especially traumatic because they can impact every aspect of your life. They can affect your life expectancy, your mobility, your independence, your cognitive ability, your personality, your relationships, and your ability to earn a living. Before you settle your brain injury case, you should explore each of these factors with the help of our attorneys. Contact us today at 954-767-6500.

What are the long-term effects of brain injuries?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have significant, long-term effects on various aspects of your health. These effects can be costly to manage. That is why it is so important to contact us for help negotiating a fair settlement after a TBI.

Life Expectancy

According to a 2015 study, mortality rates are higher among brain injury survivors than in the general population. A severe traumatic brain injury can cause other serious health complications, reducing your life expectancy by years. We will include this higher risk when negotiating a settlement for your case.


If your brain injury affected areas of the brain that control motor skills, you may be unable to walk without assistance or you may be wheelchair-dependent. These areas of the brain can suffer damage directly by the head trauma or by resulting brain bleeds or elevated pressure in the brain.

Limited or loss of mobility will create expenses. You may need specialized equipment, motorized wheelchairs, adapted transportation, and physical therapy. We will add these costs to your list of items for consideration in your settlement.

Personal Independence

Depending on the severity of the brain injury and your residual function after rehabilitation, you may lose significant independence. You may no longer be able to take care of yourself or make financial decisions. You may have to rely on a full-time caregiver. We will consider these expenses in your settlement.

Cognitive Ability

TBIs can cause permanent damage to your cognitive function. According to the Mayo Clinic, a TBI can result in problems with memory, learning abilities, mental processing, judgment, and attention. A TBI can also create difficulties in problem-solving, organization, and decision-making. These changes can affect all aspects of your life and the lives of your loved ones. You deserve compensation for them.

Personality and Relationships

A TBI can cause behavioral and emotional changes. Victims of a brain injury may have difficulty with self-control, engage in risky behavior, have difficulty in social situations, and have verbal or physical outbursts. They may also experience depression, anxiety, anger, mood swings, and irritability. These behavioral and emotional changes can take a toll on your relationships. Loss of companionship and relationships are factors to think about in your settlement.

Can a TBI affect my ability to earn an income?

Yes, depending on the level of disability you have as a result of the injury. Any long-term physical disability, as well as cognitive, behavioral, and emotional changes, may make it impossible for you to function on the job. We will include your lost wages and loss of future earnings in your damages.

How can I get help with my brain injury settlement?

Your TBI settlement should include all of your medical expenses and lost wages for the initial trauma care, rehabilitation, and ongoing medical expenses. We will guide you through a careful examination of everything your brain injury settlement should include.

For help with your claim, talk with the experienced brain injury lawyers at the Montero Law Center. Call 954-767-6500 today to schedule your free consultation.