Even though it feels like summer year-round in Fort Lauderdale, the summer months bring an increase in both summer accident risks and accidents in general. Emergency room staff often refer to the summer as “trauma season” because of the marked increase in traumatic accidents and ER visits. Below, we discuss these risks and how you can avoid them this summer.

Why are there more accidents during summertime?

The number of accidents for both children and adults increases during summertime. More daylight hours, more free time, and more outdoor activity are all major factors that affect the accident incidence rate. Many favorite summer pastimes, such as biking, swimming, grilling, camping, road tripping, and doing home repairs, carry some inherent risk.

“Unfortunately, that variety of activities and the large volume of people enjoying them inevitably lead to accidents and mishaps of all kinds,” explains the American Society of Anesthesiologists. “The summer months (May through August) show a significant increase in unintentional injury and deaths.”

What types of accidents increase during the summer?

There are various types of accidents and injuries that peak during summertime. One of the most common is traffic injuries and deaths. With time off from work and school for recreation and travel, more people take to the road. The amount of vehicle miles traveled is approximately 14 percent higher during the summer months of June to August than it is for the first quarter of the year, according to statistics from the Federal Highway Administration. So naturally, people are at higher risk for car accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents during those months.

Falls are another major category of injuries that land people in the hospital during the summer. They occur in a broad number of ways, from playground accidents and slips around a pool, to mountain biking accidents and falls off ladders. Kids and seniors are most susceptible.

Other common types of accidents during the summer include:

  • Boating accidents
  • Skateboard, hoverboard, skating, playground, and trampoline accidents
  • Motorcycle, ATV, and dirt bike accidents
  • Campfire, firework, and sun-related burn injuries
  • Dog bites and other animal attacks 

How do I reduce my family’s risk of injuries during the summer?

Keep a watchful eye on your kids and make sure that you and your family stay mindful of safety while doing any summertime activities.

Perhaps the single most effective way to keep safe is to avoid distractions. Phones and other handheld devices, friends, and other preoccupations distract you from the task at hand, which in turn, makes you a target for injury. So, no matter what activity you are going to engage in, be it a swim, drive, or camping excursion, avoid multi-tasking and stay alert and engaged.

Consider taking a first-aid, CPR, or water safety course to better prepare yourself for sudden accidents. The Red Cross offers various safety in Fort Lauderdale that you might be interested in.

Read up on a various safety topics and share them with your family. For example, if your teen plans to take up skateboarding over the summer, ensure knows the dangers of skating. Make sure he always wears a helmet and pads and stays away from cars. Make sure he knows what to do if he is ever injured in a car vs. pedestrian accident.

If your children will spend their time playing on playground equipment, always watch your children and inspect the equipment for any hazards (e.g., wood shards, broken steps, etc.) first. Do not let your children play on metal slides before checking the temperature first. This could result in a serious thermal burn injury.

There are various free online resources you can check out for safety information and tips for just about any summertime activity. Below are just a few examples:

What do I do if I am hurt in an accident?

Even when you take precautions and do your best to stay safe during the summer, accidents can still occur. If you or your child are ever injured in an accident, apply first-aid measures for minor injuries and seek immediate medical attention for more serious accidents.

If another party was involved in your accident, call a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney from Montero Law Center to learn about your insurance and claim options: 954-767-6500.